Recessed Spotlight Spot Brass Squared Gold Antique Classic Ms-349

Product is made by leading Italian artisans in the high-end decorative lighting sector, where tradition and innovation come together, giving life to creations of high artistic value, exclusively and proudly Made in Italy. TO EXERCISE THE "RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL", OR THE POSSIBILITY OF RETURNING THE PRODUCT COMMUNICATING ITS INTENTION BY RECOMMENDED WITH RECEIPT OF RETURN.   

Led Recessed Light Dimmable Bath Spotlight Ceiling Kitchen Ip44 9w Cct

LED recessed light dimmable bathroom recessed spotlight ceiling spot kitchen IP44 9W CCT Suitable for indoor and outdoor use bathroom, kitchen, living room, terrace, etc.. Orders placed before 2 p.   

Skylight Nano Basic Module Led Spotlight V4a Mini Spot Recessed Spotlight Light

With the base module from for the Skylight Nano 100, 200, 400 and 500 lighting units, you can install miniature spotlights with high luminosity. The different sizes Nano Spots with 13 mm diameter (Nano 100), 18 mm diameter (Nano 200) also available as dome spot (Nano 400) or with 14 mm diameter (Nano 300) are available here in the shop. Before installation, you must drill in the respective diameter with 11 and 14 mm. The point spots have a length of 29 and 33 mm and 11 mm. The base module is 9 mm thick at the base and has a diameter of 10 mm with the screw thread. After connecting both ...

Led Recessed Ceiling Light 65-80mm Round Spotlight Dimmable Ultra Slim Lamp

ALUSSO LED Downlights Dimmable 7W Ultra Slim Recessed Ceiling Lights IP656/IP44 Spotlights.   

16colour Changing Led Recessed Ceiling Lights Remote Spot Lamp Down Lights Party

10W RGB LED Recessed Ceiling Lights Panel Downlight 16 Colors Changing Spotlight. Colour Changing RGB Downlight Panel LED Recessed Ceiling Lights Remote Spot Lamp. LED Adjustable Tilt Angle Downlights Recessed Round Ceiling Spotlights 3W/7W/12W.   

Recessed Led Ceiling Lights 4-20w Ultra Slim Round Flat Panel Bathroom Spot Lamp

Slide the spring buckles up vertically and insert the lamp into the ceiling hole. Waterproof to IP44, suitable for wet rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens and outdoor. Cut a hole in the ceiling. And turn off the power before installation.   

White Rgb Dual Color Led Light Ceiling Recessed Panel Downlight Spot Lamp

   White RGB Dual Color LED Light Ceiling Recessed Panel Downlight Spot Lamp????? Type1: White + Blue, No remote; Type2: White + RGB, With remote. Type1: White + Blue, No remote. Ultra-thin round hidden two-color LED panel light. Multi-light mode: the inner light is on, the outer light is on, the double light is on, the single color changes, the external light is gradual, the external light flashes, and the brightness is adjusted. The service life is over 30,000 hours. Easy to install and maintenance free. 85% energy saving and environmental protection. Application: Landscape ...

Led Ceiling Light Recessed Ultra Slim Panel Down Lights Round Bathroom Spot Lamp

   The recessed panel light is a three-color adjustable style, controlled by a switch. Power: 3W / 6W / 9W / 12W 15W / 18W / 24W Color Temperature: Warm White (2700K)+Neutral White (4000K) +Cold White (6000K)-Dimmable Energy efficiency class: A +++. Lifespan: up to 50,000 hours. Working temperature: -30 ° C - + 50 °. LED Ceiling Light Recessed Ultra Slim Panel Down Lights Round Bathroom Spot Lamp. 3W / 6W / 9W / 12W 15W / 18W / 24W. Warm White (2700K)+Neutral White (4000K) +Cold White (6000K)-Dimmable. Energy efficiency class: A +++. LED driver: The external constant current source ...

Dual Color White Rgb Led Ceiling Light Fans Recessed Panel Downlight Spot Lamp

   Dual Color White RGB LED Ceiling Light Fans Recessed Panel Downlight Spot Lamp. Inside light on, outside light on, dual light on, outside single color change, outside light fade, outside light flash, brightness adjust. Long life span more than 50,000hrs. Easy installation, no need maintenance. Landscape lighting / architectural lighting / entertainment lighting / restaurants / hotels/ ambient lighting / art galleries. Super bright white inside light + soft outside light, perfect for meeting room, store, super market, office, store, exhibition. Dance halls, bars, kitchen, parlor, ...

Led Ceiling Lighting Recessed Panel Down Spot Light Lamp Bulb Cool White + Blue

   Energy Saving Slim Led Panel Ceiling light. These slim flat LED Panel lights are manufactured to the highest possible standards, making them an ideal item for reducing lighting bills. Powerful two color lights - cool white + blue. Watts - 3W + 2W, Shape - round & square, Color - main - Cool white, Border - Blue, measurement - Square 11 cm x 11cm x 1 cm, Drill - 6.5cm, Round Diameter - 10cm x 1 cm thickness, hole to be drilled round 6.5cm dia. Watts - 6W + 3W, Shape - round & square, Color - main - Cool White, Border - Blue, measurement - Square 14 cm x 14 cm x 1 cm, Drill 9.5 ...